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Electricity and Controls for HVAC R 6th Edition by Stephen L Herman and Bennie L Sparkman

Electricity and Controls for HVAC R 6th Edition by Stephen L Herman and Bennie L Sparkman


Unit 1  Atomic Structure  6
Unit 2  Electrical Quantities and Ohm’s Law  15
Unit 3  Measuring Instruments  24
Unit 4  Electrical Circuits  35
Unit 5  Electrical Services  50
Unit 6  Wire Size and Voltage Drop  63
Unit 7  Inductance  72
Unit 8  Capacitance 
Unit 9  Schematics and Wiring Diagrams  90
Unit 10  Developing Wiring Diagrams 
Unit 11  Split-Phase Motors  118
Unit 12  The Shaded-Pole Induction Motor  131
Unit 13  Multispeed Motors  135
Unit 14  Three-Phase Motor Principles  148
Unit 15  The Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor  159
Unit 16  The Wound Rotor Induction Motor  179
Unit 17  The Synchronous Motor  186
Unit 18  Brushless DC Motors 
Unit 19  Isolation Transformers  200
Unit 20  Autotransformers  221
Unit 21  Current Transformers 
Unit 22  Overloads  234
Unit 23  Relays, Contactors, and Motor Starters  243
Unit 24  The Solid-State Relay  248
Unit 25  The Control Transformer  252
Unit 26  Starting Relays  260
Unit 27  Variable-Speed Motor Control  270
Unit 28  The Defrost Timer  274
Unit 29  The Thermostat  282
Unit 30  Pressure Switches  298
Unit 31  The Flow Switch  304
Unit 32  The Humidistat  308
Unit 33  Fan-Limit Switches  311
Unit 34  The Oil-Pressure Failure Switch  317

Unit 35  Solenoid Valves  321

Unit 36  The Short-Cycle Timer  327
Unit 37  Methods of Sensing Temperature  338
Unit 38  Gas Burner Controls  347
Unit 39  Oil Burner Controls 
Unit 40  Introduction to Troubleshooting  360
Unit 41  Room Air Conditioners  376
Unit 42  A Commercial Air Conditioning Unit  383
Unit 43  Heat-Pump Controls  388
Unit 44  Packaged Units: Electric Air Conditioning and Gas Heating 
Unit 45  Household Ice Makers  414
Unit 46  Commercial Ice Makers  436
Unit 47  Refrigeration Controls  452
Unit 48  Resistors and Color Codes  464
Unit 49  Semiconductor Materials  472
Unit 50  The PN Junction  478
Unit 51  Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Photodiodes  483
Unit 52  The Transistor  490
Unit 53  The Unijunction Transistor  496
Unit 54  The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier  501
Unit 55  The Diac  509
Unit 56  The Triac  512
Unit 57  The Operational Amplifier 
Unit 58  Programmable Logic Controllers  532
Unit 59  Programming a PLC  546
Unit 60  Analog Sensing for Programmable Controllers 

preface : 

Electricity  and  Controls  for  HVAC/R is  written  with the assumption that the student has no prior knowl-edge of electricity or control systems. Basic electrical theory  is  presented  in  a  practical,  straightforward manner.  Mathematical  explanations  are  used  only when necessary to explain certain concepts of elec-tricity.  Each  unit  starts  with  the  objectives  of  the unit and ends with a summary of important facts. The text begins with the study of basic electri-cal theory and progresses to series circuits, par-allel  circuits,  alternating  current,  inductive circuits, and capacitive  circuits.  The  text  also includes  information  on  different  types  of  three-phase  services  found  in  industrial  and  commercial locations as well as single-phase residential services. ndividual devices and components common to the air  conditioning,  heating,  and  refrigeration  field are  presented  in  a  practical  manner.  Devices  are explained  from  a  standpoint  of  how  they  operate and  how  they  are  used.  The  text  contains  testing procedures  for  many  of  the  devices  covered. 

The practical  presentation  of  these  devices  makes  this text a must-have reference book for the service tech-nician working in the field. Electricity  and  Controls  for  HVAC/R,  sixth  edition,includes  information  on  isolation  transformers,autotransformers,  and  current  transformers.  The three  major  types  of  three-phase  motors—squirrel cage  induction,  wound  rotor,  and  synchronous— re  also  covered.  Coverage  of  single-phase  motors includes:  split-phase  motors,  resistance-start induction-run  motors,  capacitor-start  induction-run motors, and permanent-split capacitor motors. haded-pole  induction  motors  and  multispeed motors are also covered. The sixth edition also pro-vides information on variable-frequency drives. Control circuits are developed using the compo-nents in the text. The text assumes that the student



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